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Gnarl·y :(ˈnärlē/ )- something or someone awesome, cool, excellent, wonderful, amazing, radical, incredible, tough, great, intense, extreme, or fantastic.


Gnarly Fit is a concept that has evolved over the last 7 years.  Health and fitness has been a passion of ours for over 13 years and we have worked on and off in the fitness industry throughout that period of time. It has been a goal that one day we would open up our own fitness facility that embodies our values to help create the ultimate environment for one to come and better themselves. Rather its to lose weight, gain weight, look better, feel better, stress relief, or making friends, Gnarly Fit has been designed to be the place where one can come to work to be their best selves.


It has been a passion of ours to design our own gym wear that reflects everything we stand for. All of our apparel is custom cut and designed to make you look good, feel good, and have the ability to withstand even the toughest workouts. 


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   Jesse DeLavern
B.S. Exercise Science

Jesse was born and raised in Plainwell, Michigan and has been an athlete his whole life.  In High School, Jesse was a big proponent in athletics and was a member of the soccer, track, cross country, and swim team.  Besides school athletics, Jesse was also an avid snowboarder, surfer, motocross rider, and competitive bodybuilder. 

Jesse graduated from Western Michigan University with his Bachelors of Exercise science. Throughout those years he won multiple bodybuilding shows, was a prep coach and personal trainer to bodybuilding and figure competitors, and was a manager of a local gym chain.


Bailey Potter

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Bailey is a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist,

“As a child, I discovered a passion for athletics that has fueled my journey to becoming a certified personal trainer through NASM. From my early years as a gymnast to being a three-sport athlete throughout school, my love for movement and physical fitness has been deeply ingrained in me.

I’ve come to realize that movement is more than just physical activity-it’s medicine. The power of movement builds confidence, discipline and a sense of accomplishment. It symbolizes the power of resilience to live your life regardless of age or circumstances. Inspired by the transformative effects of movement and training, I am humbled to be part of your journey towards realizing your potential. Together, we will embrace the philosophy that strength is not just physical-it encompasses every aspect of life, granting you the ability to write your own story of success, fulfillment, and longevity. “

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Gaby Owens
IFBB Women's Physique Pro
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Gaby Owens is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a lifelong passion for fitness. As an athlete for most of her life and a mother of two, Gaby's commitment to a healthy lifestyle runs deep. She holds the prestigious title of IFBB Women’s Physique Pro, a testament to her dedication to competitive athletics for over two decades, specializing in bodybuilding for the past 15 years.

Throughout her fitness journey, Gaby obtained her certification as a personal trainer, dedicating the last decade to training a diverse range of clients. Her expertise spans from mobility and functional movement patterns to body recomposition and strength training. Gaby is driven by a genuine desire to witness her clients succeed, providing guidance, encouragement, and motivation to help them achieve their goals.

Regardless of your age, fitness experience, or fitness goals, Gaby will serve as both a cheerleader and coach on your journey to feeling, looking, and being your best self.


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Rachael DeLavern

Rachael was born in Toronto, Canada in 1992, and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


She attended Rogers High School, where she played Volleyball and Soccer. She was Captain of her Varsity Soccer Team for four years. Rachael has continued playing soccer the last 6 years in Co-Ed Recreational leagues in the Kalamazoo Area. 


Rachael moved to Kalamazoo in 2015, where she was a Certified Personal Trainer and Class Instructor for 2 years at a local gym.

Rachael is passionate in helping others succeed and live their best life. She founded Project Give in 2021 where she manages events, and raises funds for the Feed the Children Programs, Community Food Pantry and Medical Missions held periodically throughout the year. 

Emma Muffley

GNARLY60 Coach and Personal Trainer

CF-L2 Trainer + CrossFit Nutrition 1 Certificate 

Emma is a full-time student, has obtained her CrossFit Level-2 Certificate, and is a competitive athlete. She is currently studying at Western Michigan University where she plans to obtain her bachelor's degree in Exercise Science: Strength and Conditioning. Her ultimate goal as a coach and athlete is to be able to educate others on how to live a HEALTHY and SUSTAINABLE lifestyle both in and out of the gym.

Mary Dow
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Mary is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.  She was a year-round athlete in high school, with multiple awards and achievements in track & field and cross country.  She holds records in the 5k, 800m, and 1600m run along with multiple meet records. 


Mary has been personal training for 2 years with intentions of getting her nutrition and strength and conditioning certifications. Outside of personal training, she is also focusing on her own physical fitness with aspirations of of doing the Open and qualifying for the Games.  It is her mission to promote healthy lifestyle changes that are sustainable and create a well rounded fitness program for each individual.


Stephanie Scott is a corrective exercise specialist, certified by the American Council on Exercise as a group fitness trainer with extensive education and certifications in adaptive movement, barre, Pilates, yoga and pelvic floor rehabilitation.


With an education and a focus on trauma-informed fitness coaching, Stephanie focuses on your health journey from a holistic perspective, digging into the root causes of pain, injury and instability – as well as identifying emotional and mental blocks to help all students reach their highest potential.

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Stephanie Scott 
Corrective Exercise Specialist
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