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joey cervone,
personal trainer at gnarly fit.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Golf Exercise Specialist

MATRIX Sprint 8 GX Specialist

ACE BOXING 101 Instructor 


"I was born and raised in in Madison, New Jersey. In middle school, I fell in love with soccer and lacrosse and after high school, I added bowling and wrestling to the list. I joined the rugby team my freshman year in college and in my free time you can find me outside playing at the local park, looking for new trails to hike, hanging out with friends, or spending time with my family.

I fell in love with Michigan when I was 10 and came out here to experience a camp up in Three Rivers called Camp Wakeshma. I met some great people and made incredible memories that showed me that this is the place I want to make a difference.

I currently am a student at Western Michigan University finishing my bachelors degree with the long term goal of completing my doctorates degree in Physical Therapy. I started my health journey when I was home in 2017-2018 volunteering at St. Barnabas Hospital. I ended up finding myself and my passion after shadowing the Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Pediatric Therapists there. After returning to Michigan the following year, I started working at Planet Fitness as a Member Services Representative but was still wanting to grow. After parting ways, I had the pleasure of working at Armor Physical Therapy as Rehab Technologist. The team I worked for was amazing and the experience showed me what my future can look like if I stay dedicated. After a year of working at Armor, I completed my certification and joined the YMCA as a personal trainer.

I love to think that my niche of people is infinite. I will never turn you away because we all start somewhere, but our goals and dreams are what connect us. Whether you’re trying to get back into the swing of things, starting from scratch, looking to take it to the next level, trying to avoid surgery or you’re going into/coming out of it, or just trying to look to the future and continue doing the things you love, I’m you’re guy. I believe if you have the will, I’ll find the way! With a strong mindset, we can do anything. Never give up on yourself or your dreams, because I am here to help you make them a reality.


A motto I live by is “If you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else.” – Booker T. Washington. Let’s build that foundation so you can take on the world!

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benefits of having a personal trainer

nutritional coaching

overcome plateaus

accountability partner

It's not just about workouts! Receive valuable guidance on nutrition and meal planning that complements your fitness journey.

Stuck in a fitness rut? A personal trainer introduces variety into your routine, preventing plateaus and ensuring continuous improvement.

Your trainer becomes your dedicated

partner,​ holding you accountable for your workouts making sure you stay committed to your goals.


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